The College Football Players Association has Launched!

Ways You Can Help and Support

Hello readers! I am happy to announce that today is the day that we’re officially launching the College Football Players Association (CFBPA). That’s our new logo up top. Thanks to each and every one of my subscribers for helping us get to this point. There is lots to tell you about and so here is everything in no particular order:

1) Check out our new website if you haven’t already:

2) ESPN is covering our launch and you can check out their initial article at this link.

3) In our first couple months one of our main organizational goals is to grow our membership. Membership is available to current CFB players; former CFB players; parents of players; and high school players. Our goal is to build a movement, one player at a time. So, if you fall into one of these categories, please consider signing up at this link. Memberships are very modestly priced ($2 per month for a current CFB player) as we intend to raise the majority of organizational monies from sympathetic individuals and institutions. If you are a sympathetic individual or institution please consider a donation at this link.

4) Follow us and help us promote the CFBPA on social media. We’re @CFBPAofficial on Twitter and Instagram. TikTok is coming.

Thanks to everyone once again! I’ll be back with more updates soon!