Grant Norton's Testimony

A Social Media Re-Launch

Once again, hello to subscribers and all other readers of my newsletter. We are one week on from the launch of Grant Norton’s story on this newsletter and I’m extraordinarily happy with the response. The story has been viewed over 28,000 times and all of this has been done essentially through email promotion from my gmail account. Then, all of you picked it up and spread it across your networks for me. I’m so, so grateful for all you have done. However, I don’t want to lose momentum. I want to make sure that Grant’s story receives the widest audience possible over a multiple number of weeks. Only then can we push traditional media outlets to report the story and get justice for what Grant endured. Moreover, Grant’s story is exhibit A for why college football players need a College Football Players Association. If Grant had a Players Association representative that he could have turned to for help in his time of need, his situation would have undoubtedly played out differently than it did.

So, I want to use this post to launch new social media accounts associated with my efforts at this newsletter. All of them will be devoted to amplifying player stories and working towards the ultimate goal of a College Football Players Association. Here are the different accounts where you can follow the work we’re doing:





For now, there are a couple posts at Twitter and Facebook highlighting both my story and Grant’s story. Please share these widely. YouTube and Instagram are still in development, but by early next week I’ll have video on both where I’ll do a reading of Grant’s testimony so you can share video and audio of his story for those who would rather engage with the story that way.

So, please follow us everywhere and be sure, as always, to subscribe to this newsletter if you haven’t already. On this post, I’ll be opening up comments for subscribers if you have any suggestions on how the social media accounts or newsletter could be more engaging.