Coming in April...

Moving Towards a College Football Players Association

I’m sorry for my silence at this newsletter in the month of March but in many ways it’s appropriate given that if it’s March, we focus on college basketball and not college football. However, with March Madness now coming to an end, it is time to re-focus efforts on making a College Football Players Association (CFBPA) a reality.

In March, I received my first endorsements to lead a CFBPA. I’m honored for these and encourage you to take a look at my Twitter to see them. Garnering these endorsements also led to other player interest and so I was gratified for this as well. As I said in my post announcing my candidacy to lead a CFBPA, I am seeking to garner as many player, former player and coach endorsements as possible and will do my best to organize these endorsements through my Twitter. So, for anyone that wants to endorse, feel free to take a look at what others did on Twitter. Anyone who wishes to talk further about my candidacy for this job, please to do not hesitate to reach out by direct messaging me on any platform or emailing me at You can find me on Twitter @JasonStahl__; my Instagram can be found at this link; my Facebook page is at this link; and my YouTube channel is at this link.

Throughout March, I’ve been working hard on my offline organizing to prepare for a big April — particularly a big end of April when I’ll have some big news to announce. Until then, I’ll be publishing three April newsletters in advance of this news. In the first, I’ll be examining the activism that took place among some college basketball players during March Madness and discuss what college football players have to learn from this activism when organizing their CFBPA. Second, I’ll look at the Supreme Court case that was heard this week — the first in quite a long time which examined the position of college athletes and the power that the NCAA has over their lives. I’ll be examining the case with a particular eye on how it allows the public to see the day-to-day-realities of the lives of college football players. Finally, I’ll finish with a newsletter that examines in detail how a CFBPA will work in practice and how one can and should be started now.

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