A Note to Readers...

Explaining My Silence

Hello subscribers, free signups and other readers! This has been my newsletter’s longest period of silence since I started publishing in July and so I felt I owed you all an explanation. While my work here has never been about “producing lots of content,” this has not been the reason for my silence. I definitely have new work ready to publish but, with everything going on in the United States at this point, I worried that publishing new work this month would have been somewhat pointless. I want my work to have impact and, in the current environment, I worry that this is near impossible to break thorough with any new stories. So, my plan is to wait until after the presidential inauguration to start publishing new work. Hopefully the important stories and developments I have coming at this newsletter will gain a hearing in a (hopefully) cooler political environment.

As a reminder, at this newsletter I want to privilege four types of work. First and foremost, I want to continue to tell the stories of those like Grant Norton who were caught up and discarded by an exploitative college football system. Second, I want to do original commentary on an exploitative college football system. I think the best example of this type of work was my newsletter “Fathers Not Bosses.” Third, I want to continue the work of organizing a new College Football Players Association, particularly now that we are in the football offseason where organizing work becomes much easier. Finally, at the local level, I want to continue to hold the University of Minnesota administration accountable for the corrupt actions of its dysfunctional athletics department.

Even during periods where wider political events do not impede my work and its ability to get a hearing, these four types of work are inevitably going to require more time and effort to produce. So, I appreciate all of my subscribers who recognize this and have patience during periods of silence. Thank you so much for your continued support. For free sign ups to my newsletter and other outside readers, if you are financially capable of doing so, and you support the four types of work I’m doing here, I ask that you consider subscribing for $5 a month or $50 a year.

Take care, stay safe and look for the next newsletter after inauguration!