A Note to Readers

Creating a Sustainable Newsletter

I want to thank you all once again for the outpouring of support since I published Grant Norton’s story this past Wednesday. Just three days later and the story has been viewed 25,000 times and has generated more new story leads than I can count. My hope is that Grant’s story will break through soon into the mainstream media and that, in time, he and others will be able to feel some deeper sense that justice was done. Please keep sharing Grant’s story and encourage others to do the same.

This fall I plan on publishing many new stories at this newsletter which I hope readers will find as worthwhile as they did Grant’s. As I’ve rolled out this newsletter over the past two and a half months, I’ve really begun to re-think my funding model. My initial idea was to make the first 5 posts or so of the newsletter free and then to make essentially all articles after this locked for subscribers only. This was my idea before I realized just how important it would be to have all stories freely available to all and freely accessible to all. I want these stories to create change. In particular, I want them to be the foundation for action through which players can move toward the creation of a new College Football Players Association. For this to become a reality, I need all stories at this newsletter to be as widely accessible as possible.

So, what I am going to try for the next month is simply to ask people to pay for my writing because they think the product is worth the $5 a month (or $50 a year) that I am asking you to pay. To my subscribers already, thank you so, so much for being subscribers. For those who have done the “free sign-up” option, thank you as well for wanting to follow my work and I want you to stick around whatever you decide regarding a subscription. Personally, I believe there is now enough writing on this newsletter for everyone to evaluate whether or not the product is worth a full paid subscription. So, what I am asking my free sign-ups is that if you think my writing is worth $5 a month, and you can afford $5 a month, please hit this button and subscribe:

If you can’t afford $5 a month and/or if you’re not sure if the product is worth it, please give it another month at which point I’ll evaluate where my numbers are at and, most likely, make one final plea to sign on as a subscriber. I’m hoping this new strategy brings my newsletter to the point of sustainability as my new full-time job while also making the articles here as widely accessible as possible.

Thank you so much for the consideration and support!